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Domestic Violence


You are assumed innocent
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Domestic Violence & Assault

Domestic violence can uproot a relationship and family and result in crushing court orders that prevent family members from communicating or residing together for months, sometimes years. This creates an incredibly difficult and stressful environment for all parties involved. The effect of these charges is that you or your loved one may be forced to live alone, and at their own expense. In many circumstances, Mr. Wolson is able to modify court ordered conditions to prevent this from happening.

Domestic violence is not a charge in itself. Instead it falls under the Assault category of offences. These can range from Simple Assault, to Assault Causing Bodily Harm, to Aggravated Assault. The more serious the injuries, the more serious the charge.  

Cases of this nature are often “he said/she said” scenarios where the facts are in dispute. Self defence may be a defence where the force used in response to an attack was necessary and consistent with the incoming threat.

In many circumstances, Mr. Wolson is able to negotiate with the Prosecutor to avoid his client getting a criminal record, either by having the charge stayed (dropped), or agreeing to an alternative resolution program.  

If you have been charged with any form of assault or domestic violence, there are things that you can do almost immediately to improve your chances of resolving your case.

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